First Name Surname Country Picture Pilot Picture Balloon Curriculum
1 Stefan Zeberli Switzerland

4 times European Champion in 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2017

Actual 1st in woldranking

World Championship; 2th/ 3th/4th

World Air Games ; 3th

3 Roman Hugi Switzerland

3rd place in European Championship 2017

4th place in World Championship 2018

4 Beata Choma Poland
Woman European Champion 2017
5 Daniel Kusternigg Austria
6 times Austrian Champion
6 Helmut Pöttler Austria
7 Andreas Simoner Austria

Place 35 in World-Rankinglist 2018 

Austrian Championship 2 x gold, 4 x silver, 2 x bronze Medal

4 x National Champion from Lower-Austria

8 Elisabeth Kindermann-Schön Austria
9 Werner Schrank Austria
Place 36 in the World ranking
10 Thomas Kindermann-Schön Austria
11 Gerald Sturzlinger Austria

 Flying Competition since 1991

13th and 6th at World Championships

Participating in the Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett since 1995, three times finished rank 3.

12 Michael Abel Austria
13 Steven Vlegels Belgium
14 David Spildooren Belgium
15 Philippe De Cock Belgium
4 times Belgian champion
3rd at Belgian National raking
16 Tom Deleersnyder Belgium
Belgian balloon trophy, Leszno cup, CE cup Szeged
17 Evert Dehandshutter Belgium
18 Marija Petric Miklousic Croatia
19 Igor Miklousic Croatia
20 Pavel Merinski Czech Republic
21 Petr Kubicek Czech Republic
22 David Linek Czech Republic
23 Pavel Kostrhun Czech Republic
 Pilot since 1991
24 Jan Suchy Czech Republic
25 Tomas Haban Czech Republic
 Pilot, instructor, placing in the first of competitors at the european champ.
26 Rune Paamand Denmark
 Developer of the HotAir balloon app.
27 Palle Vinther Olsen Denmark
28 Markku Sipinen Finland

One gold and two silver medails in Finnish Nationals. 

Most interesting meet was in Madagaskar (Team Ultramagic 2016). 

29 Jukka Kujala Finland
 Participating several times in World Balloon Championships and also in Europeans.
30 Adrien De Sade France
31 Clement Seigeot France
32 Nicolas Schwartz France
 French Champion in 2008, 2009 and 2012
33 Kevin Allemand France
 Member of the organisation of the European Cup to Mainfonds
34 Etienne Mercier France

 French champion 2016

European Cup winner 2013 and 2015

35 Sven Göhler Germany
36 Uwe Schneider Germany
37 Pascal Kreins Germany

 Since 2012 German National Team

6 Alpcrossings

Longdistance Flights with Eco Balloons

38 Martin Wegner Germany
39 Markus Pieper Germany
40 David Strassmann Germany
2nd at the world ranking list.
41 Scabolcs Garab Hungary
42 Guido Montemurro Italy


43 Igor Charbonnier Italy
44 Marco Giomi Italy

 6 italian championship made

3rd position in 2018

45 Rokas Kostiuskevicius Lithuania
 2013 European champion
46 Rimas Kostiuskevicius Lithuania

2nd place in the European Championship 2013

2nd place in World Championship 2016

47 Laurynas Komza Lithuania
48 Vytautas Junevicius Lithuania
49 Tadas Gegevicius Lithuania
50 Colin Weber Luxemburg

Luxembourg National Champion from 2008 and 2013 to 2019

Currently 1st in the National Ranking list.

51 Christophe Betzen Luxemburg
52 Nico Betzen Luxemburg
53 George Klomp Luxemburg
54 Henk Broeders Netherlands
 18 times Dutch Champion
55 Roy Gommer Netherlands
56 Jan Oudenampsen Netherlands
   Have been nominated several times for the Netherlands.
57 Thomasz Filus Poland
 Polish Champion 2017 and 2018
58 Mateusz Rekas Poland
59 Roman Bauta Poland
60 Bartosz Nowakowski Poland
61 Arkadiusz Iwanski Poland
62 Dmitri Zhokhov Russia

 7th place in the 4th FAI Junior Hot Air

2nd place Championship of Russia

1st place JC Russia

63 Ivan Menyalylo Russia
64 Oleg Snetkov Russia
65 Ilya Vertiprakhov Russia
66 Georgy Zimenko Russia
67 Artem Denisenko Russia
4 times Russian National Champion in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018
68 Juraj Brezan Slovakia
 Competition pilot since 1995
69 Pavol Gombos Slovakia
70 Vito Rome Slovenia
71 Blai Carbonell Spain
Spains Champion 2018
72 Ivan Ayala Spain

5th in the last World Championship 2018

3rd in the European Championship 2013

2nd in the European Championship 2011

73 Carles Figueres Spain
3rd at the spanish ranking
74 Jan Balkedal Sweden

 Two silver and three bronze medals in the Worlds.

Several times Swedish champion.

Montgolfier diploma Hall of fame 2014.

75 Lars Ekstedt Sweden
76 Marc Blaser Switzerland
77 Reni Erni Switzerland
78 Mehmet Halis Aydogan Turkey
Owner of Voyager balloons and balloon pilot
79 Roman Savchuk Ucrania

Ukrainian Champion 2013, 2015 and 2016

80 Serghii Skalko Ucrania
81 Dominic Bareford United Kingdom

British National Champion 2015-2018

Junior World Champion 2014

World Champion 2018

82 Marcus Green United Kingdom
 Ballooning in many European and World series
83 Stephanie Bareford United Kingdom

Flying for over 9 nine years.

I have competed in the last 2 world championships.

84 Kenneth Karlstrom United Kingdom  
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